The oil press MP

500 is suitable for cool of dry oil containing crops and theirs oilcake
pressing. It is possible to use single, double or triple pressing schemes. The basic scopes of oil
press usage are agricultural farms and low-tonnage factories, specializing on the oil
manufacturing. For indoor usage only.
For providing of the perfect and stable working parameters of oil press before the beginning
of the pressing process oil containing seeds and oilcake should be thoroughly purified from
foreign admixtures (permissible content not more than 1%) and metal impurities (not allowable).
The temperature of the raw materials, which have to be loaded into the oil press, should not be
lower than 50° С; humidity of the seeds – within the 6-7 %.

To produce our oil, we use double-pressing technology, which is absolutely safe for the
environment, animals and people. We never use any chemical methods of extraction. Is known,
there is the technologies, allowing getting up to 99% of oil from the raw materials by the using
of chemical extraction methods, when the oils, produced by “natural” methods of pressing,
including double pressing, provide only 85% of oil yield. Such oils have attractive price, but on
the other hand it means significantly lower quality of the similar products.
3. There is no any intermediaries, third-party dealers etc. We offer transparent system of a work,
fair competitive prices and our honesty and responsibility in relation to you.