Recycling of animal origin wastes

The search of new effective methods of recoverable resources recycling in the food processing industry is rather relevant issue. Recycling of agricultural industry waste allows to treat with due care to environment and at the same time to profit by recycling, that can be comparable with income from sales main manufacture products. In the most economically developed countries (USA, Japan, countries of Western Europe) extrusion-type technologies have become a priority growth area of food processing and feed industry.The equipment for recycling of raw animal material, based of the extruder, allows to receive recycled material from slaughter, mortality, feather, bones, fish offal. The equipment for further production of feed stuff can be included in the processing line, depending on requirements to the end product. With the appearance of extruding-type technologies it has become possible not only to process oil plants maximally profitably, but also to dispose biowaste of agricultural industry (mortality, feather, bones, fish offal). At present the lines for recycling of animal origin wastes into the raw material for feed stuff for pigfarms and other farms have been already mounted and have been working.Our equipment will be interesting both for a farmer and a huge production, as we have modification groups of different productivity.

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