Production of seed oil

The basic direction of the company is oil and fat equipment for reprocessing of oilseeds (generally
sunflower, soya, rape) and cereals. Having more than fifteen-old years experience
in this field, we have maximally improved the existing technologies with the
help of special components and additional equipment (Seed winnowing/seed crushing machines, cooler, inactivate, humid extracting
worm conveyor, transport equipment etc.).

Equipment for an oil workshop under production of sunflower oil, and other oilseeds (soya, rape, mustard, nuts, olives and others) is completed depending on the kind of reprocessing raw materials, productivity and the tasks to be solved.

Quality of oil and oil meal depends of a precision of selection and adjustments of equipment for the oil workshop. Oiliness and humidity of source raw materials and keeping period of seeds before pressing are also important.

Main quality characteristics for sunflower seeds are oiliness, humidity, period of maturating.

The most widespread technique in Ukraine and near abroad is the method of hot double pressing. It is connected with the fact, that as a rule, in the most cases the repressible raw materials are the sunflower seeds. However, there are and other methods of receipt of seed oil in exist. Thus, the method of cool pressing is well-suitable for pressing of premium oils.

Our equipment will be of interest as for the individual farmers, as well as for the large manufacturers, as we have the modification groups with different productivity volume.

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